Empowering Immigrant Communities for Vaccine Equity: Our Approach


DuringConsult partnered with a nonprofit focused on addressing vaccine inequity in  immigrant and refugee populations. With a mission to tackle the root causes of vaccine hesitancy and improve vaccine uptake, the nonprofit sought to implement a multi-level campaign. In collaboration and support with a prominent health organization, DuringConsult took on the role of Project Manager for this project, handling the recruitment of partner organizations to participate in the initiative.


The organization aimed to:

  1. Expand peer-to-peer outreach by Cultural Health Navigators.
  2. Create a peer-to-peer social media campaign with trusted community members as vaccine ambassadors.
  3. Launch a narrative-driven media campaign on radio stations and print media.


DuringConsult assembled an experienced team, including a Communications Specialist and a Community Engagement Expert, to develop and implement a three-component solution comprising Strategy Development, Community Outreach, and Metrics.

As Project Manager, DuringConsult organized a Kick-Off Meeting with the nonprofit to clarify project requirements, developed a comprehensive Project Plan, and facilitated weekly Status Meetings. These measures ensured alignment between DuringConsult, the health organization, and the nonprofit, enabling swift course correction across the three-component solution.

Strategy Development

DuringConsult developed an overarching strategy to guide the implementation of the multi-level campaign. The strategy included:

  • Identifying and recruiting partner organizations within the communities to participate in the project.
  • Developing a toolkit to empower these trusted sources to become vaccine ambassadors, including messaging, strategies, resources, and culturally and linguistically relevant visual assets.
  • Partnering with local artists and writers to create culturally and linguistically relevant narrative content for radio stations and print media.

Community Outreach

The DuringConsult team worked closely with the nonprofit’s Cultural Health Navigators and vaccine ambassadors to:

  • Increase direct outreach at community hubs and events, and implement phone banking with existing call lists.
  • Establish pop-up vaccination clinics at community events to reduce barriers to vaccination.
  • Develop linguistically diverse weekly content for social media platforms to counter misinformation and address community concerns.


DuringConsult collaborated with the nonprofit’s leadership to ensure all campaign goals were measurable and time-bound. The team developed a comprehensive data collection and evaluation plan to assess the efficacy of different messages, channels, and formats, allowing the organization to better understand how to reach the community in the future.

The Impact

The multi-level campaign effectively facilitated the development of conversations around vaccine hesitancy, misinformation, and the importance of vaccination among the populations in greater Philadelphia. Through the combined efforts of Cultural Health Navigators, vaccine ambassadors, and the narrative-driven media campaign, the nonprofit was able to address ongoing vaccine hesitancy and open new conversations about the importance of vaccinating children ages 5 and older.

Although the campaign did not lead to a significant immediate increase in vaccine uptake, it increased awareness and fostered a better understanding of the target population’s concerns and beliefs. The data-driven insights gained from this project enabled the organization to refine its future outreach strategies and continue working toward vaccine equity. The successful recruitment and collaboration with partner organizations played a crucial role in the project’s overall impact, strengthening the foundation for future efforts to improve vaccine uptake in the communities.

As one partner organization noted, “DuringConsult’s support and collaboration were invaluable in helping us reach our target audience and address their concerns. Their expertise in strategy development and community engagement enabled us to create a lasting impact on our community and lay the groundwork for future initiatives.”

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